A diverse and adaptive curriculum that meets each individual student’s needs

Mackenzie College’s curriculum ensures that students have access to a diverse range of subjects that not only equips students for their studies at school but also for a multitude of pathways after their formal schooling concludes.

Students in the junior school (years 7-10) engage in learning in a wide range of traditional subjects. These include the core subjects such as English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies as well as a wide variety of other courses. All students in the junior school also get to experience learning with specialist teachers in Hard Technology (workshop), Soft Technology (food and fabric), Information Technology, Languages (Māori and Chinese), Music, Physical Education, Health and Visual Arts.

Building upon the foundation received in the junior school our senior students (years 11-13) can specialise in a broad range of subjects. These NCEA subjects include English, Media Studies, Mathematics, Calculus, Statistics and Modelling, Science, Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Social Studies (including Geography and History), Commerce, Accounting, Economics, Agribusiness, Hard Technology, Hospitality, Fashion and Design, Design Technology (including Tech Drawing), Physical Education, Outdoor Education, Visual Arts, Photography and Transition.

Distance courses increase the diversity of options available to students. Mackenzie College utilises two primary providers of distance courses: NetNZ (online learning), and Te Kura (Correspondence School). These allow access to specialised subjects such as multiple languages, Computer Coding, Web Design, Psychology, Philosophy, Drama and the Performing Arts.

Because Mackenzie College acknowledges that not all learning can be effectively delivered solely within traditional classroom lessons, we have developed two special learning environments each year called Three Day Learning Events (3DLE). Over two sessions, students are able to devote a total of six days to learning events of their choosing.

In the past, these events have included Mountain biking, Cross-country skiing, Snowsports, 3D Animation, Engineering Projects, Cosmetic Production, Agriculture Courses, Leadership Training, Fashion Courses, Mural Production, Duke of Edinburgh, Movie Making, Magazine Production, and much more.

For students who have a trade-based pathway in their sights, Mackenzie College offers both Gateway and Vocational Pathway courses. Gateway provides the opportunity for students to experience a work placement for 20 days in the year whilst also completing NCEA standards relevant to that trade. Vocational Pathways offer the opportunity for students to study with a tertiary provider (usually a Polytechnic) to complete training towards a specific skill or trade. Both courses are completed in conjunction with other traditional school subjects.


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