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A dynamic, high-achieving rural College – the school of choice for its community.

Mackenzie College is a rural school that caters for Year 7 to 13 pupils and provides high quality, diverse and relevant education for our district’s children. Situated in the town of Fairlie, Mackenzie College has access to a majestic environment of alps, lakes, rivers, tussock land, forests, snowfields, and farmland. This location provides opportunities for our students and staff to access a vast range of activities, right on our doorstep.

The College’s ability to respond to the needs of each individual student has been recognised by the media for our outstanding academic results and by the Education Review Office (ERO) in the form of a 4-5 year review cycle. ERO’s confidence in our performance is a testament to the incredible efforts put in by the whole school community – parents, caregivers, students, staff and board. We invite you to read ERO’s full report of the College here.

We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver a diverse, effective, relevant learning environment for our students supported by caring, dedicated and highly skilled staff. We encourage you to browse the rest of this site which is a brief summary of what Mackenzie College has to offer its students.


We are proud to showcase our high achieving school on any school day.

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